Claudia Blaisdel Carrington enters the Carrington world by meeting Steven Carrington who got the job at "Blaisdel-Lankershim #1" oil-rig to spite Blake. Her marriage to Matthew Blaisdel is very fragile and their daughter Lindsay is the only thing bonding them thus far.

While suffering from marital crisis and inability to adapt to her own environment, Claudia gets involved in a love affair with Steven leaving some of her standards at even lower rates. When their affair is finally revealed, Matthew leaves Denver together with Lindsay, but Lindsay's unfortunate death is quite a slap in the face and Claudia decides to commit suicide not being able to resile from the negative energy within herself any more.

Thanks to Blake and Nick Toscanni, she's saved and moved into the Carrington mansion, yet Krystle's outward appearance does its worst and Claudia is slightly slipping into the world of delusion and spirits that keep her daughter alive. Knowing that she's confused and surely out of her sense, Cecil Colby's "business proposal", sleeping with Jeff Colby and spying on Blake, in exchange for information on Lindsay's accident - keeps arousing her mental state which ends in Claudia becoming a emotionally unstable person or, shall we say, certifiable. Subsequently, she's committed to an asylum.

After she's released, Claudia gets a job at "La Mirage" hotel, renews her relationship with Steven and they get married mostly due to the future of Steven's son Danny. Notwithstanding all the love, their union ain't exactly the land flowing with milk and honey, occasional disputes are growing into much series conflicts and Sammy Jo's idea of Danny's custody leads to the final blow to their marriage. Somehow, Steven's brother Adam gets in the way and Steven gets attracted to his associate Luke Fuller.

Apart from her stort affair with Dean Caldwell, Cluadia's relationship with Adam is mostly sexual with not much love and it breaks up when Claudia finds out about his scheming against the Carrington's. By the twist of faith, she becomes the owner of Walter Lankershim's oil rig and thinks she'll finally be free of the Carrington's but when the oil rig gets dry she starts loosing her mind. In the moment of complete insanity, feeling sad on account of unfilled expectations, she sets up a fire at the "La Mirage" hotel and dies.