Towering over downtown Denver is the thirty-five story headquarters of international oil giant Denver-Carrington.

Beginning in 1959, with a single well, the company's astounding growth attributed to its founder, Blake Carrington. Denver-Carrington operates hundreds of productive wells, primarily in the American Southwest, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Expanding interests include refineries, tankers, and reclamation, including an exclusive pioneering oi-shale extraction process.

Though the corporation has offices around the world, Chairman of the Board and Chief Operating Officer Carrington kept his board the exclusive province of Eastern-educated white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants.

Industry analysts have long looked to Denver-Carringon when predicting the future of the oil industry. With diversing holdings and financial interests in the hundreds of millions, Denver-Carrington qualifies as an empire. Its no accident that the New York office is just three blocks from Wall Street.


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