Joseph Anders is the Carrington family's majordomo at the mansion who ran the household. He was also staunchly loyal to his employer Blake Carrington.

Joseph Anders took an immediate dislike to Blake's new bridge Krystle, feeling that she didn't belong in the mansion and later enjoyed a teasing, antagonistic relationship with Alexis, the former mistress of the house. He daughter Kirby returned to Denver, having been educated in Europe at Blake's expense.

Joseph disapproves of Kirby's involvement in romantic relationships with the Carringtons and Colbys, whereas Alexis will be especially repulsed by her relationship with because she does not want the Carrington's to have anything to do with a servant's daughter.

Joseph found himself blackmailed by Alexis, who threatened to reveal to Kirby that her mother had been sent to an mental asylum. In retaliation, Joseph set fire to Steven's cabin, endangering the lives of Alexis and Krystle.

Already on edge of losing her mind for Alexis's blackmail, Joseph decides to commit suicide and dies on the hands of his boss, Blake Carrington.