Matthew Blaisdel is Blake Carrington's business associate, a geologist, who comes back to Denver from the Middle East after the military takes over and the confiscation of Blake's oil.

Matthew had an affair with Krystle and he is envious of Blake. His animosity reflects in his business relationship with Blake and he quits the firm and takes a job with his old friend Walter Lankershim moment on, Matthew will have financial and business problems, caused by Blake's scheming and the sabotage on the rig Blake sponsored. At one point, the old torch between him and Krystle will again starts burning. Krystle will financially help him, risking her own reputation, but after the murder of Ted Dinard, Krystle breaks it off with Matthew and decides to stand by her husband in these difficult times.

Additional problems for Krystle is that Matthew is married to Claudia Barrows, a very emotional and unstable woman, mother of their daughter Lindsay.